Fintech made trustworthy through data

The Fintech Fraud DAO is a decentralized network of fintechs that pool data to identify fraud before it proliferates.

By fintechs, for fintechs.

No single entity controls the Fintech Fraud DAO.

Through decentralized governance, participants collectively decide how the network is operated - by voting on its membership and mechanics.

Cross-platform signal on your users

Participants get aggregated, anonymous data on a user's good and bad activity across a wide array of fintechs. Know whether a user is trustworthy before they are onboarded to your system.

Zero knowledge-proof record linkage

The Fintech Fraud DAO ingests PII data as bloom filters - no data is shared or queried in unencrypted form, and the keys to decrypt are owned by the participant

Give to get, not pay to play

Participation is free, but all participants have to share their data to be part of the network. Data always belongs to the contributing fintech and can be retracted at any time.

Want to be a part of a fraud fighting community?