Govern and manage your customers' data

No entity will govern this Fintech Fraud network - it will be governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), allowing consensus-based day to day operations

Decision making

Mechanics - What data will be contained, how it will be encrypted and stored

Membership - Every new member will need to be added via a voting mechanism

Direction - How the network will expand, what further use cases to cater to


Network participants must regularly contribute hashed data to query the network for free.

Participant data is owned by the specific contributing participant, and participation is at will.

Data associated with a participant will be fully revoked from the network upon termination of membership.

Sample Outputs

// API request to query the network for the identitycurl -s -X POST \    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \    -H "Authorization: <AUTH_TOKEN_HERE>" -d \    '{				"Phone+ SSN (4)": "aJo6BXCZUVA=",				"SSN + Last name": "UgSiBwgejvA=",				"dob + SSN":  "OaSoGrkBuKA="    }' \   

// API responseHTTP 200 OKContent-Type: application/json{    "first_seen": "2019-05-02T16:05:07Z",    "last_seen": "2022-04-13T02:40:54Z",    "num_active_platforms": 5,		"platform_activity": [				{						"platform_type": "neobank",						"num_registered_months": 22,						"num_txn_active_months": 21,						"months_since_active": 0,						"avg_monthly_transacted_usd": "100-1000",						"transaction_direction": "send_and_receive",						"num_times_flagged": 2,						"num_times_blocked": 1				},				{						"platform_type": "p2p_payment",						"num_registered_months": 24,						"num_txn_active_months": 19,						"months_since_active": 2,						"transaction_direction": "send_and_receive",						"avg_monthly_transacted_usd": "0-100",						"num_times_flagged": 7,						"num_times_blocked": 0				},    {						"platform_type": "crypto",						"num_registered_months": 36,						"num_txn_active_months": 8,						"months_since_active": 12,						"transaction_direction": "receive",						"avg_monthly_transacted_usd": "0-100",						"num_times_flagged": 12,						"num_times_blocked": 2      },  	{						"platform_type": "lender",						"num_registered_months": 24,						"num_txn_active_months": 19,						"months_since_active": 2,						"transaction_direction": "send_and_receive",						"avg_monthly_transacted_usd": "0-100",						"num_times_flagged": 7,						"num_times_blocked": 0				},	{						"platform_type": "neobank",						"num_registered_months": 12,						"num_txn_active_months": 1,						"months_since_active": 11,						"transaction_direction": "send",						"avg_monthly_transacted_usd": "0-3000",						"num_times_flagged": 1,						"num_times_blocked": 1				}}

Security and Privacy

All end user PII are stored in a cryptographically hashed format that allows for zero-knowledge submission, storage, and querying of end user transaction activity

All network system and tool code and internal operational logs are white-boxed and made available to participants.

Query responses neither reveal the true identities of the end users nor the contributing fintech platforms.